Picture book girl



I have been lazy lately and haven’t been using my nice camera as much. The iPhone is just too convenient! But with Sewing Summit coming up, and me trying to get an Etsy store going, it was time to make new business cards.
I printed my last batch with Moo and will use them for my new ones too. You can pull pictures directly from your Flicr account, which is perfect for me.
So I have been waiting for picture weather. I gathered my props into a box and set it by the door, eager to get this taken care of. This morning a lovely cloud coverage and 70 degree weather signaled that today was the day! (The clouds have passed and it is now sunny and warm! This is why you have to be ready on short notice.)
Here’s a slideshow of the images I took today. Mind you I took close to 200! These are the best, edited in Lightroom. I will also be offering these as prints in my shop.


I’m on vacation**. Sort of. My mom is a miniature artist and is teaching a class in Castine, Maine for the week. I’m just tagging along because it was a free trip to see the ocean and greenery. I’ve spent most of my time reading the Mortal Instruments series. It was quite enjoyable! Just the thing for a few cold rainy days!
This place is just AMAZING though! If it weren’t for the crazy winter I might even want to live around here. Here are some photos to make you jealous. ;) Don’t be too jealous though. I’m staying in a dorm with a shared bathroom. Think back to the days of shower shoes….
There are homes that I want to live in…
Castine, ME - June 2011-20 Castine, ME - June 2011-16
Castine, ME - June 2011-19 Castine, ME - June 2011-8
And flowers…Some of them smell so divine that I wish they had invented smell-pictures!
Castine, ME - June 2011-18 Castine, ME - June 2011-7
And lobster-y things…
Castine, ME - June 2011-12 Castine, ME - June 2011-6
And beautiful structures and places. A lot of people must die up here, because there are cemeteries everywhere!
Castine, ME - June 2011-9 Castine, ME - June 2011-5
And delicious food!!!!
Lobster boil
**My husband is home, lest you think that this is a good time to burgle me. I guess if you are trying to steal my husband it’s an ideal time…**

Snow Day(s)!

snow day!
As you can see, I had plenty of time to play with Lightroom Preset actions and Photoshop!
It snowed like crazy on Tuesday so we got a snow day! And it was supposed to snow again on Wednesday, so another snow day. Only it didn’t snow and the roads were clear, which made today an excellent day to run errands and just have the day off. And we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow. Happy week!!
My sewing room has been a disaster, and Jeni posted about organizing your stash, so it seemed like the clouds aligned and I had time to clean up. 
First everything came out, then I s.l.o.w.l.y put everything in it’s new home. It’s not all the way done yet, but I’m happy with my progress. (more details on Flickr, just click on the images)
craft room 1
craft room 2
And finally, while it doesn’t weird me out when I introduce myself as Alexandra, it weirds me out when people refer to me that way. I don’t know why and I clearly can’t expect them to know I’m Ali, right? So from now on, it’s Ali, ok? There’s a story to go with how I became Ali, but that’s for another time…

Trashed!!! (in a good way)

While there is certainly lots to be excited about, what I’m about to share is a bit self-centric, maybe egotistical. Because we are about to admire someone else’s photography, but the pictures are of me & the hubs. Be warned, LOTS of pictures! :)
I met Ellen a few months ago in one of my sewing classes at Hip Stitch. She does all of the photography for them, so of course I knew she was fabulous. After some talking, I expressed interest in doing a Trash the Dress shoot. She was generous enough to offer an exchange: quilt lessons for pictures. Clearly I got the better end of that bargain! LOOK!
Seriously, LOOK!

I mean, I’m wearing tons of gaudy jewelry and Converse with my wedding dress and Ellen made my look beautiful (if I do say so myself! :))


One more, ok?
While the dress didn’t really end up “trashed” I’m SO SO SO happy with how these turned out. Now I really need to get to work on my wedding album so that I can include these. I feel so grateful that I have been able to work with such amazing photographers this year!

(Don’t forget the Scobeys! Look at how cute and thoughtful this ornament that they sent us is.)
Wedding ornament (1 of 1)