I’ve just added 2 scraps destash bundles to my etsy shop: warm tones & cool tones.

**ETA: They sold! Thank you ladies. :) I hope you get more use out of them than I would!

They each fill a large flat rate box, so the bulk of the price ($20 total) is just for shipping.

There is still so much to pack! Happily I was able to cut my scraps to less than half of what I had. I really don’t use them much, but I can’t throw away perfectly good fabric! Hopefully someone out there will be able to use them. :)


I have been lazy lately and haven’t been using my nice camera as much. The iPhone is just too convenient! But with Sewing Summit coming up, and me trying to get an Etsy store going, it was time to make new business cards.
I printed my last batch with Moo and will use them for my new ones too. You can pull pictures directly from your Flicr account, which is perfect for me.
So I have been waiting for picture weather. I gathered my props into a box and set it by the door, eager to get this taken care of. This morning a lovely cloud coverage and 70 degree weather signaled that today was the day! (The clouds have passed and it is now sunny and warm! This is why you have to be ready on short notice.)
Here’s a slideshow of the images I took today. Mind you I took close to 200! These are the best, edited in Lightroom. I will also be offering these as prints in my shop.

More Stars

I’ve had the idea for this pillow for a while, but only got around to making it yesterday.
yellow star pillow yellow star pillow-3
I used the small star template from my Starry Night Pattern and then added some larger pieces to make it off-center.
yellow star pillow-2
Today I’m working on another project that will make use of the medium star template. So even if you aren’t inclined to make the quilt, keep in mind that the templates and directions can be used for other project too!

This pillow case fits a 16″ x 16″ pillow form and is available in my shop

Grand Opening!

Lots going on today! It’s officially the first day back for teachers here, and thus my first day not working (if that makes any sense).
1. I revamped my blog! It was definitely time. For all of you checking in from a reader, here’s what’s you’re missing out on. ;)
2. My quilt pattern is finally here!! Amanda was my pattern tester. She assures me that everything is in order and that the quilt came together quite easily! Getting these pictures was not so easy (something about falling in a swamp), but I really appreciate her effort. In order to celebrate the pattern and her beautiful version, Amanda has graciously offered a charm pack of Happy Campers (which she used) and a copy of the pattern to give away.
Amanda has her own little fabric shop that I am insanely jealous of. She has a great assortment of pre-cuts over there. And while this isn’t technically a sponsored giveaway, I had to give her a shout out.
To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment with who you would make this quilt for. US entries only. I’ll draw a winner on Monday, August 15. *If you purchase the pattern and end up winning, I will refund the pattern price.*

3. My Etsy shop. While it looks a bit bare now, I promise that I will have more goodies up in the next few days. Keep checking back! If there is something special that you would like to see, please let me know!

To reward those of you who actually read my blog, I have coupon code for 15% off your purchase (excluding shipping). Simply enter GRANDOPEN15 when you check out in the coupon box. This coupon will expire at midnight EST on Thursday.

Setting up shop

I’ll admit, I’m a little stressed. I have been out of town more than I’ve been home this summer and I have way too much to catch up on! I’ve had lots of time to think, though, and I have decided that I need to set up an etsy shop.
I have some fabric that I need to let go because my new motto is “Use it or lose it!”. So anything that I’m not going to use on any upcoming projects is out!
I also am trying my hand at writing patterns. I have my first quilt pattern all ready to go (tested by the amazing Amanda) and I have a bag pattern that needs to be formatted into a pdf. They have LOTS of diagrams and templates to make sure everything goes together easily.

Starry Night Pattern
Starry Night Pattern
What else? Well, I get a lot of compliments of my bubble necklace, so I made a few more of them and will be listing those in the shop as well. Probably some quilts too, and maybe a few bags. We’ll see.
bubble necklace
I need to take time this week to redesign my blog and get pictures to make my shop look pretty, so I’m setting my grand opening for Wednesday, August 10. I’ll give you all a little reminder beforehand. And maybe a grand opening coupon code??? ;)